Have you recently found a wild animal that is injured or sick and you do not know what to do? Much like humans and domesticated animals, wild animals in bad conditions need immediate medical attention. Read on to learn how to deal with situations when you come across a wild animal that has to be treated right away.


Handle the wild animal very carefully

Only trained specialists know the right way to handle a sick or injured wild animal. Never attempt to touch it as much as possible, lest its condition will get worse. Keep a safe distance and contact a wildlife rehabilitation center or hospital like the Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Hospital.

Also, keep these tips in mind:

  • Under any circumstance, do not lift the animal to avoid risking your safety.
  • Call for help if the animal is stuck and you cannot reach for it.
  • If you really have to handle the wild animal like when it’s trapped in a dangerous or toxic area, wear a pair of gloves before doing so.
  • When holding the animal, keep it away from your face.
  • After handling it, wash your hands.
  • Never touch animals like dolphins and whales because they are delicate and you might do them more harm than good.

Place the animal in a secure box

If you can and if it is safe to handle the wild animal, put it quickly into a box. Before you do so, line the base with newspaper or clean cloth. Create some holes on the box for ventilation.

Take the animal to the wildlife hospital

You can call us at 078 8121 4821. But the faster option is to take it personally to our center for immediate treatment.

When you find a sick and injured wild animal, do not panic and just keep calm—this is for your own and that of the animal’s safety.

What to Do When You Find an Injured or Sick Wild Animal

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