Iguanas are popular as pets in the United States and some parts of the world for about 20 years. Even so, caring for iguanas is very different from caring for cats and dogs. Iguanas have special needs and habits that you, as a prospective iguana owner, should be aware of. Thus, you should give it a careful thought before you even consider going to a pet shop to choose an iguana.


Here are some factors you have to consider carefully before adopting an iguana as a pet.

Your knowledge about iguana care

If you are not that confident to take care of an iguana properly, then that is a sign that you are not yet ready to own one. You need to educate yourself first about iguanas, their diet, habitat, health, and other essential information before you can finally adopt one as a pet.

Your long-term commitment

You cannot just adopt an iguana one day and dispose of it weeks later when you have grown tired taking care of it or when it has grown too big for you. Decide if you can commit to taking care of an iguana for a long time, about 20 years, without any regrets.

Your lifestyle

Does your schedule permit enough time for taking care of a pet iguana? For example, if you travel frequently, it is not advised to leave your pet iguana for days or weeks and just leave its food and water in its cage. Iguanas need to be fed, watered, and potty trained routinely. If your lifestyle does not suit iguana care, then consider getting another pet.

The available space for the iguana enclosure or cage

Since iguanas grow rapidly at a length of 6 ft., you need ample space in the backyard for the iguana cage. Iguanas may become stressed and have health and behavioral problems if they cannot freely move around in their enclosure.

You may have heard that taking care of iguanas is an easy task. That is simply not true because, even if taking care of an iguana is a rewarding experience, it involves a lot of effort to ensure that your iguana is in good condition at all times.


4 Important Things to Consider Before Adopting an Iguana

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